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Although, Hyperbook as a brand came to life in early 2015 we started working on it many years ago when current management opened its first computer hardware companies. We focused on high-quality solutions and perfect client service from the get go.


Currently, we are offering a wide range of barebones from the top producers worldwide. We are also the only official CLEVO distributor in Poland. We work with many recognized partners such as MSI, Compal, Intel and Lengda.


We participate in EU support programs which help us build the brand we always wanted to have. They also allow us to expand our business to other European countries.

Our mission:

Hyperbook produces top-tier computer hardware. Our goal is to create the most powerful and efficient notebooks for business and entertainment. Our best models are as powerful as regular desktop PCs while still being mobile.


Thanks to our well-designed platform, customers can easily create laptops of their dreams within seconds. You can choose what kind of components you want to use and that's exactly what you'll get. You don't have to buy pre-configured laptops anymore!

Building computers is not only job, it's our passion. We know that a great laptop requires the best components; that's why we work with the best. We use components from recognized brands such as Intel, NVIDIA, Samsung, Kingston and Western Digital.

Unique approach towards our customers:

Every laptop is assembled by hand according to our customer's guidelines. We test every unit internally before shipping to make sure everything works perfectly.


Based on our customer's request we can offer customized solutions such as RAID configuration, custom boot logo, polish cooling system for additional performance and more. Our laptops are fully functional when taken out directly out of the box.

Flexible warranty:

Being able to upgrade and maintain your hardware is extremely important that is why, compared to other companies, we don't seal our laptops and desktops. You can always open the chassis yourself and clean your computer or exchange components.

Experienced Tech Support:

Hyperbook staff is full of passionate professionals with years of experience in the hardware business. We have a dedicated telephone number, e-mail and live chat to support our customers. We repair every unit in our office in Warsaw, Poland. We work with computers both on and post-warranty.

Brand's brief history:

Blue Technology Sp. z o.o. was created in 2009. Since then, through our official website, BlueMobility.pl, we have provided thousands of customers with great computers. Those 6 years of experience allowed us to re-build the company based on our dreams and ideas. Hyperbook came to life in early 2015 and is already something we always wanted to be a part of.

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Blue Technology Sp. z o.o.

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